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Bengali folk songs has become an important musical influence in the life of Bengali's on both side ( West Bengal-Bangladesh ) of the border. Lalon Fakir, Radharaman Dutta, Hason Raja, Ramesh Shill, Abbas Uddin were the king of folk songs from their

 own position.

The lyrics of folk songs have inner meaning and people come from far away to dig out the inner meaning of this. And it touches everyone's heart. After hearing of a song of Bangladesh anyone can dream off new life. In folk music we can find the deeper meaning of science, beauty of living, human desire, truth and love, pain and sufferings, laughter and tears. 

All folk songs are categorized by simple structure and words. Before the commencement of radio folk songs were performed on stage to entertain rural people by folk singers. After the arrival of new communication system and digital media, nowadays many folk songs were modernised and incorporated into modern song that we called "Adhunik" song in Bengali.

"Folk" music can be classified into several genres based on melody, composition, origin and tradition and festival when this types of music are performed. They are:-
Baul : commonly inspired by Lalon Fakir and performed by hermits
Bhandari: Devotional music from the south of Bangladesh ( mainly- Chittagong ).
Bhatiali: This form of folk are mainly sung by boatmen and fishermen.
Bhawaiya: Song of bullok-cart divers of North ( mainly- Rangpur ).
Dhamil: though it is a form of folk music, also a form of dance originated in Sylhet
Gazal: Popular form of folk Song and introduce us with Philosophy.
Gombhira: Always performed with two performer with a distinctive rhythm and dance, always performing a man with his grand father, discussing a topic to create social awarness.
Hason Raja: Devotional song compossed by the name of Hason Raja from sylhet.
Jari: Involving musical battle between two groups.
Jatra Pala: This type o songs exclusively performed with plays and involves with colorful presentation of history.
Kirtan: Songs to express the love of Hindu God Krishna and his wife Radha.
Kavigan: poem sung with simple music between two poets
Lalon geeti: works of spritual writet and composer Lalon Fakir of Kushtia
Sari: Especially sung by boatmen but it is also known as worker's song.
Shyama sangeet: songs dedicated to Hindu goddes Shyama 

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